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“I have lived a thousand lives and I’ve loved a thousand loves. I’ve walked on distant worlds and seen the end of time. Because I read.”

—   George R.R. Martin  (via thatlitsite)

“She buried her ears into the calm of his heartbeat, and in a matter of seconds: fell terribly in love with the way her loneliness fell softly and suddenly, asleep, in his chest.”

—   Christopher Poindexter (via aestheticintrovert)

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“No, this is just a circumstance, this is just something that is happening in your life right now. It is not your identity. It doesn’t make you who you are, it doesn’t define you. This is a thing, a very hurtful thing, yes. And it is a thing you are going to overcome, just like the countless other things I’ve seen you overcome. This is not who you are. Who you are is a fighter, and a damn good one at that. So get out there and fight like hell.”

—   Nicole (my lovely therapist)

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“It’s not hard to decide what you want your life to be about. What’s hard, she said, is figuring out what you’re willing to give up in order to do the things you really care about.”

—   Shauna Niequist, Bittersweet: Thoughts on Change, Grace, and Learning the Hard Way (via creatingaquietmind)

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Anne Rice, The Vampire Lestat
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Anne Rice, The Vampire Lestat

Submitted by oh-to-be-a-work-of-art.

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“You will manage to keep a woman in love with you only for as long as you can keep her in love with the person she becomes when she is with you.”

—   C. JoyBell C. (via dahlia—noir)

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Yeah that about sums it up.


Yeah that about sums it up.

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“You think you know someone. But mostly you just know what you want to know.”

—   Joe Hill (via thatlitsite)

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“Be committed, not attached. But more importantly, know the difference.”

—   Kai, Lessons in Life #21  (via fawun)

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Stop setting yourself

on fire for someone who

stays to watch you burn.

—   Haiku on Perspective 
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